About Me

I’m Allie , I live in Edinburgh – a truly beautiful city – and I was born in Wellington. I’m lucky to have lived in two of the most exceptional cities in this world. I miss home every day, but who couldn’t fall in love with Edinburgh? (Okay, maybe if you’re massively into sunshine I can see why it might not be in your top 10).

As I write this it is summer holidays, but come September I will enter my final year of my undergraduate degree at the University of Edinburgh. The class of 2017 are graduating at this moment, and I can see people in caps and gowns walking past my office. It gives me butterflies in my stomach. Despite my unavoidable fear of the impending future I really enjoy being in the workplace. I am in my third job in the space of about a year (because everyone loves hiring me obviously, not the opposite). I seem to be finding a bit of a niche in communications roles. I love and am fascinated by engaging with people using the world we’ve created online, and I love engaging offline just as much. So I’m suited to this niche quite well. I certainly wont mind if this is where my career goes. But there’s so much more I’d love to try.

Anyway I digress. I have a creative heart. And it is particularly drawn to the world of writing, publishing, and books. So I simply couldn’t bear to put off having this blog for a moment longer. It almost definitely won’t exclusively be about books. I can’t help but talk about other things I love. But the idea came to me sitting in Lovecrumbs, eating a slice of rose & pistachio cake, and reading ‘This must be the place’. It was an outrageously ‘Allie’ kind of moment.

I hope my joys and my passions can bring my readers joy, and spark something in them. If it doesn’t… well I shall just enjoy the modern day magic that allows me to share my thoughts with you all regardless.

Oh, also I’m 21 and my favourite colour is yellow but really closely followed by green. I like cats and dogs pretty much equally. China Mieville is my favourite author. Sunflowers are my favourite flower. I am deeply fascinated by people. My Myers Briggs is ENFP but as a Psychology student I’m not sure how much I should talk about that.

Anyway, much love